White Sun selected for SØRFONDs Forum

After Hubert Bals Fund (International Film Festival Rotterdam) and  L’Atelier, Cinéfondation (Cannes 2014), White Sun has now selected for SØRFONDs pitching forum among sixs projects out of 107 applications from different parts of the world. The Films from the South Foundation organizes a pitching forum during the Films from the South Festival, 9.-19th October. The purpose is to […]

White Sun Set For Cannes Atelier

MARCH 10, 2014, Variety /  Deepak Rauniyar’s “White Sun” has been selected for  Cannes Festival’s 10th Cinefondation-Atelier  among 15 projects that will be pitched at the a co-production mart and networking hub for films in development from Latin America, Eastern Europe, Asia and Africa among principal sources. Speaking with Variety Cinefondation’s general manager Georges Goldenstern said “It’s an optimistic […]

Director Rauniyar’s ‘White Sun’ receives Rs 1.4 million

KATHMANDU, Dec 18/ Republica – Film director Deepak Rauniyar of “Highway” fame has been awarded prize money of Rs. 1.4 million for the script of his new film “White Sun” by the Hubert Bals Fund, an initiative of the International Film Festival Rotterdam 2013. The Fund is distributed twice every year, and Rauniyar was selected […]

Interview: Nepali Director Deepak Rauniyar on ‘Highway’ and a Conscious Cinema

Highway (2012), the feature debut of Nepali filmmaker Deepak Rauniyar, marks the rise of a fresh new cinematic vision for the Himalayan nation. Decidedly different from the standard commercial product heavily influenced by Bollywood, the film takes an understated look at an increasingly common phenomen on: the bandhs, roadblocks caused by strikes or protests that often paralyze traffic […]

Review: Highway

by SOPHIA PANDE / Nepali Times  FROM ISSUE #615 (27 JULY 2012 – 02 AUG 2012)   Deepak Rauniyar’s new film, Highway is an experimental film for Nepal in many ways. It is the first film that anyone has directed to date, here, in which all of the acting of the considerably large cast is improvised. Astonishingly the […]

Love it or hate it, daring Nepali film makes waves

AGENCE FRANCE PRESSE/ Kathmandu   As the curtain comes down on the most divisive and talked-about film in Nepali cinema history, half the audience stands to applaud while the rest slump bemused in their seats. The split reaction has been common among packed theatres watching “Highway”, a sweeping social commentary hailed by many as a new […]

Nepal’s ‘Bandh’ Generation on the Silver Screen

By Aarti Virani /The Wall Street Journal India When Nepalese filmmaker Deepak Rauniyar was en route to the 62nd Berlin International Film Festival earlier this month, he found himself stuck in New York. This reminded him of the movie he was heading there to screen: his debut feature “Highway.” While the nine main characters in “Highway” are […]

Review: ‘Highway’

During a bus ride from the mountains of eastern Nepal to Kathmandu, the stories of a group of passengers intertwine. Alissa Simon / Variety FEBRUARY 11, 2012 | 04:42PM PT During the course of an obstacle-filled bus ride from the mountains of eastern Nepal to Kathmandu, the stories of a motley group of passengers intertwine in “Highway.” Low-budget, over-ambitious multi-strander […]

Review: Highway

STARING AT THE ROAD Berlinale Talent Press/ February 11, 2012 19:33 Conflicts arise on and off a bus, resulting in a journey of bonding and discovery: a review of HIGHWAY from Berlinale Panorama. A road can have different meanings. For some, the road is a trip, for others, the road is part of the quotidian. […]

Review: Pooja

KATHMANDU, MAR 23/  Kesh B Malla, The Kathmandu Post – If you’re someone who’s always complaining that Nepali films are not original , Pooja, written and directed by Deepak Rauniyar of Chaukaith (Threshold) fame, could be a good way to change your mind. Pooja is the story of an early marriage between a 17-year-old Thakuri girl, […]

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